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Integrative Health Review is a collection point for articles, experts’ corner and subject-specific videos, forums, interactive tools and resources, and RSS feeds from a diverse range of expert contributors and renowned health organizations. Visit today to learn more.

iTHRIVE is a free electronic magazine that focused on how to reach an extraordinary level of health and wellness in your personal and professional life. Every issue of iTHRIVE offered important insights from experts in the latest research and trends in health and wellness.

In addition to offering tips for how you can improve your approach to golf, The Ball is The Enemy by Dr. Mac Powell offers simple-to-use physical and mental drills you can take with you during your next trip to the driving range or course. Begin relearning how to play golf today; you'll be surprised how quickly your mental and physical approach to the game improves.

Designed as a workbook, Mindfulness and Peak Performance: Touch the Ground, Touch the Sky by Dr. Robert Eric Dinenberg will guide you through the process of practicing mindfulness to bring a sense of calm, reduce stress, boost your immune system, and promote a general feeling of well–being.